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Published:2014-10-27 9:05:08

Director of "Time" magazine, World News Business Unit of Nathaniel Rand (Nathaniel Lande) and son traveling the globe, their feelings about the trip written a book, "Luxury Travel TOP 10" which would include cigars introduction. In this paper, based on the recommendation and his son Rand elect six cigar aficionados favorite cigar brands and their products.
No.1 Cohiba Cuban Cohiba
       Publisher factory: churchil
       Ring Gauge: 47
       Length: 17.8㎝
Although the brand was founded in 1968, but the high Spartak soon cigar circles king. Cohiba cigars are now one of the world's most modern people have the desire cigar.
    Brands create a table a story. One day in 1966, Castro occasionally smoked one by his bodyguards purchased in bulk hand-rolled cigars, found that regardless of taste or aroma are very outstanding, so they ordered the bodyguards hired workers who cigarette Eduardo Ribera (Eduardo Ribera) Castro dedicated cigar rolling division. Since then, Eduardo has been in the outskirts of Havana mansion is set in a rolling cigars for Castro and heavily guarded.
    This is intended for the president, senior officials and foreign guests to enjoy the best cigars have not named the 1968 was officially named Cohiba (Cohiba), until 1982 only after extensive sale to the outside world.
    1992, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America, the introduction of high Spartak Century Series (Siglo): A century and century-type five types.

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