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Cellar - wine paradise

Published:2014-10-27 9:03:42

600 BC, Philippians person within the group introduced the concept of wine to France. To the Middle Ages, monasteries began to lead the majority of the region's vineyards. They have a natural sensibility, strong will. And tireless, excellence, and improve a lot of winemaking methods, found a lot of high-quality land. But the monastery wines actually not for its exclusive, nor is it designed for mass. Wine in the regulation of monks outside monotonous and boring life, but also to the monastery brought huge revenues. Until the late 14th century, into a piece of vineyards are built around the nobles and royal manor dignitaries. Subsequently, the royal army wine, although at the beginning of the birth already has a unique character and exclusive charm. The reason that these wines is alive, it is important that they have breathing, breathing is one of the manifestations of life forms, and the cork is the wine of the respiratory system. But more important reason is --- they can continue to develop in the postnatal growth process, constantly changing. In this evolution of the real charisma. These treasures exist in reality, it can be understood by most people. But not what people have qualified to appreciate, much less to taste anytime, anywhere.
At this point the question arises! These so-called "Maxima" if you want to wait until the real horses appear, the most important prerequisite is to appear before the horses have to let yourself become "Maxima." However, they are like a baby, not have the force can do this. They need more support for the external environment; need to be caring; the need for a space of their own --- cellar! Of course, whether these lives can grow into healthy, also depends on the care of their room, one of those suitable for the ambient temperature and humidity, comfortable living environment, which is ideal wine cellar. But also because of the different circumstances of each region and the development of different forms of the cellar. One of the most widely used to the number of the underground wine cellar. Depth of 23 m environment, but it has the right temperature and humidity anomalies, sun and unwanted vibrations are hard to find here, the purity requirements for space not mean totally tasteless, it is almost impossible completely tasteless, but to do no smell. Because these wines will smell a bad influence. For today's people dig this hole is almost impossible. We can artificially create the necessary conditions for its infinite close to nature, close to the ideal infinite. When the technology is mature and can be universal, personal possession of liquor becomes an achievable dream.
The cost to build a wine cellar at around 150,000 yuan
According to the actual situation in China, many grape wine grapes, rational use of the limited space, its maximum value.
After having such a wine cellar, might find themselves increasingly reluctant to share too much with others all this, you almost found yourself is the only guardian of these treasures. A very private place, perhaps only their best friend possible defendants know exist. It is definitely where you belong, is that one can make their own reflection in it all, Imagine all of heaven!
(Yat wine industry lecturer) team began to dominate the fate of the hero vineyards. The one piece of vineyard for himself.
With the continuous increase in the vineyards, wine production will be increased. At this point the wine produced has greatly exceeds the local capacity consumed a large amount of surplus wine, it is necessary to supply more areas, in order to maintain an economic balance. Naturally also formed a vast area of the market. In recent years, interest in the wine continues to increase, attracted by its charm and unable to extricate themselves, with the result that the price of high-quality wines constantly growing. It would be a good thing, at least intuitively reflect the value of the wine itself. Of course, along with a lot of regret. Because only those who gradually become less and less, but more affluent people can enjoy the benefits.

Wine needs its own space - Cellar
Excellent wines like precious works of art as scarce, yield and survive in the world is very limited. Whether these are craftsmen meticulously build out of people who really "understand" them.
Take care of these wines is like to take care of a baby on earth. While in the womb the baby would have a form of life, but after the birth of independent existence in this world, it really showed the meaning of life and existence value. Babbling, toddler, every sound breath, every movement, is advancing toward the sun tomorrow. For him to pick a suitable bed, suitable housing is especially important. Not sleep too soft; do not wrap it too tightly; not shake the magnitude is too large, and so many aspects of the state needs to do best. Only lay a solid foundation in order to think about the future. A real wine cellar can do it all!
Wine cellar is actually some space and wine-related in general. These include: wine cellars and wine storage cellar.
Whether the wine is fermented from successful wine cellar and have a great relationship. However, the impact will depend on whether more wonderful wine storage cellar for his.

For the wine cellar provides the ideal storage conditions
Wine cellar in the end be able to do? What should they need to do? With one of the most simple words summed --- for wine storage conditions provide the best! Then simply doing difficult. First, there must be a suitable humidity and temperature; but also to ensure good ventilation, to avoid vibration, for the cleanliness of the environment is also very demanding. Like the nearby wine regions in France, there are many places in the natural environment itself is very beneficial to keep wine. A semi-underground house, semi-closed, empty wine collectors will buy wine for a long period of storage of wine, but wine often fill up quickly, and top wine prices are not cheap, and later more the collectors are choosing to build their own private home wine cellar, wine cellar but not install a professional air conditioning, put a humidifier can be done. Because the air conditioning could not let the indoor temperature is kept constant, the humidifier can not meet the requirements of 75% humidity. However, fear is the wine fluctuated temperature changes, humidity less than if stored for long periods, the cork is easy to shrink, resulting in wine oxidation and leakage phenomenon. A real wine cellar is for collectors is very complex thing, psychologically worry about their every little mistake, fear of affecting those treasures, sometimes even exhausted their energy too hard to do the best state.
Professional wine cellar, storage conditions based on the actual design of the wine, and the wine cellar room thermostat system is installed, the precise reach constant temperature and humidity, ventilation, shock absorbers, dark conditions, so that it can make wine lives longer. The real wine lovers, collectors deserve! Construction costs of a cellar of about 25 square meters is generally about 150,000 yuan, but can be stored 3000-5000 bottles of wine, from a long-term perspective, this is a great value for money investment. A well-designed wine cellar not only these benefits, scientific design can also help you in faster and more accurately find what you want in future wine

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