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New conceptual Cellar - Private whole cellar

Published:2014-10-27 9:03:03

The new concept of the traditional type of private wine cellar wine cellar innovations
     Wine cellar in the traditional sense refers primarily to wine producers cellar, temperature, light, ventilation and other natural conditions for the use of the cellar, to winemaking, fermentation place. Distinction in industrial-type cellar in the traditional sense, such into private "whole cellar" With the high-tech means (such as: temperature and humidity devices) cellar wine storage environment "bionic" simulation. Meanwhile, as part of supporting high-end home, designer and innovative integrated art exhibition, home decoration, leisure, hospitality and even business networking and other functions, which form both a new sense of "technological nature" and "artistic" a whole new concept type private wine cellar formats.
Luxurious artistic quality, technology, tradition, art, multi-functional harmony and unity
     Overall technically private wine cellar, to achieve constant temperature and humidity, ventilation, odor control and other professional wine storage environment; in the selection, use of natural precious solid wood wine racks, the pursuit of the original ecology of pastoral aesthetic style; in vector art , through the wine racks plastic arts, oil painting, ceiling art, lighting, and other forms of performance art; artistic style, but also luxurious, classical, country, rural, and other style options; personalization, depending on the venue different personal aesthetic preferences, to meet the individual requirements of the exquisite creation cellar; the functional design, will be introduced in the cellar culture and leisure, hospitality, business contacts and even social and other complex functions that belong to other living, social establishments, make it more practical, reasonable and appropriate publicity of the owner's personality.
     High value-added new impetus to the real estate
     As a high-end home support new concepts, culture and taste of the symbolic elements, the overall wine cellar in foreign countries has been popular with the "villa symbolizes abundance, and a private wine cellar was a symbol of wealth" point of view. On the one hand, from the villa, mansion owners point of view, it is the concept of high-end positioning, materials, functions, features and other angle, high-quality, high standards of construction, to enhance the quality of life and quality of the owners; on the other hand, from the development Suppliers point of view, the high-end real estate market, the same phenomenon villas, mansions, such as family, environment, landscape, supporting other aspects have been very serious, how in the event the product itself, the quality of their own to make a fuss, as many developers a think about; according to a report released by standard Life Bank in the UK, if a house can be supplied with a private wine cellar, this house will appreciate 10000-15000 pounds, which is the average appreciation of 7%.

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