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Market just pick up "lower prices" Wind underway

Published:2014-10-27 8:58:21

Yesterday, two in the 106th Canton Fair Pazhou Complex re-opened. And pay at the spring of this year, "the bleak autumn" in stark contrast to everywhere shrouded in thick spring on foreign trade to pick up this session Autumn Fair.

But the financial crisis has not in the past. After the fittest companies survive relax too late, you find that they face a more competitive market and a stronger competitor. Even more worrying is that, faced with the beginning of the recovery of the market, "prices down wind" blowing again, the majority of foreign trade enterprises do we need to re-embark on the fight against the vicious competition in the market price of the old?

Manufacturer competition pushes prices lower than last year

"Crisis in the price war, after the crisis had to compete on price." Yesterday, many exhibitors told reporters that although the number of customers that Fair more, but the price is not only no room for improvement, but the weight is more than last year low.

"Now the fighting between the factory price badly, all in competition for orders." Lianjiang Shi, general manager of Red Star Ceramics fitness said. Foshan, a glass furniture companies do charge Mr. Hu also said that this term Fair pushes prices lower, mainly due to the competition between manufacturers. "We now mention only a little profit, to the main sales, to seize the market."

Guangdong tide Group chairman Qiu Tao Song told reporters that the current market price is too much competition, but also because explore the needs of the market, they had to resort set very low price.

There are also enterprises have clearly expressed dissatisfaction. A major export markets of Europe and the furniture business owner, said: "Before the situation is bad, rely on low prices to retain customers and market share, it is understandable but after all, expedient, and now foreign consumer market improved significantly, and the price is still on not. go, we are not under the review, can not re-embark on the road back? "

Luxury active, grade polarization

Of course, not all companies are in the price.

Because the consumer market as a luxury major developed economies in Europe and America by the international financial crisis, the largest luxury goods turnover fell sharply, companies generally will adjust the product structure mainly to the low level, but reporters at the last Fair interviews found on the Canton Fair, luxury exhibits active again.

Guangzhou Concert Industries Limited is an export red wine, cigar boxes and all kinds of high-end antique furniture boutique business. Lianghong Biao, general manager of the company are on display, pointing to a wooden wine cooler, told reporters that the export price of the product for 6000 yuan, a Thai businessmen to breath under $ 500,000 orders.

"We are at the beginning of this year, sales are expected to decline 20 percent better than last year, but began to pick up in the second half of this year in accordance with the trend display, much better than expected, probably fell 8 percent." 梁鴻彪 said, "luxury sales improved, indicating the economy the situation is really getting better. "

"This session of the product clearly showing polarization." Zhongjing Li Guangdong Light Company watches gift department told reporters: "If you say a cup, before selling 10 dollars, now put it to do or 6 dollars, to 60 dollars not to do. "he made a gesture to say," In our view, Themiddleclass (middle class) has disappeared. "

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