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Electronic wine cooler how to do routine maintenance?

Published:2014-10-23 14:39:06

Said the daily maintenance electric wine actually still have a lot of doorways. First, we want a clear guide our electronic wine cooler still belongs to electronic products, electronic products, it is likely to cause damage to things we all need to avoid. For example, if we prolonged NA electric wine then it is best to turn it off and as for relatively dry place to prevent the electronic components inside the damp electronic wine aging phenomenon. The second is that we should read the instructions carefully then go operate the electronic wine cooler, and this is very important to the operation of electronic wine cooler damage resulting from improper things have also occurred. In this regard, we need to pay attention to nothing less than the normal use of the electronic wine cooler temperatures and the use of occasions, do not let it run in a long time overload.

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