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The difference between the professional wine cabinet and refrigerator

Published:2014-10-23 14:36:30

Many people think that the refrigerator has a cooling, moisturizing and so on, can be used to store wine, this view somewhat for granted. In fact, professional wine cabinet is very different and refrigerator, for a life of wine, these differences will undoubtedly be fatal.
       1. Constant temperature accuracy: the best wine storage temperature should be around 13 ℃, some scholars have done a special analysis, that the ideal temperature is 12.8 ℃. Although the refrigerator can also set a constant temperature, but the actual temperature in the refrigerator and set the temperature difference is relatively large, may be around 5 ℃ -6 ℃, that is to say always fluctuate at around 7 ℃ -18 ℃, this makes the actual temperature of the refrigerator in an unstable state. Large temperature changes, the wine is great harm.
       There is a wine bottle secondary fermentation process, the requirements remain at a constant temperature of about 12 ℃, the temperature difference fluctuations can not be greater than 1 ℃, so it is difficult to ensure the wine storage refrigerator temperature requirements. There are professional precision compressor and temperature controller inside the bar, the accuracy and stability of the temperature control is better than the refrigerator.
       2. ventilation and humidity control: proper humidity for the wine itself has little effect, but for storage has very important significance.
       If the humidity is not enough, the cork on a bottle of wine will shrink even chapped, ranging from trouble when you open the bottle, re-sealing function is lost, causing air to enter, the impact of the wine fermented to make wine taste.
       If the humidity is too high, not only can lead to mildew bottle and wine wine labels easy to mold, fall off, so noble wine "image" greatly reduced. Save wine humidity should generally be maintained at around 60% -70%. Professional wine cooler in a perfect ventilation system, activated by the upper and lower plug to keep wine fresh air through the cooler temperature difference between inside and outside temperatures, so that the moisture inside the wine produced, can be increased interior humidity. Refrigerator for ventilation and humidity control is far not so professional.
       3. Suspension: vibration will accelerate the rate of chemical reaction of wine, for the wine maturation procedure has a considerable impact. Wine sophisticated internal shock compressor, work slowly and smoothly, not in direct contact with the cooler body, greatly reducing the variety of vibration. Wine cooler and kept inside are solid wood, you can effectively absorb the shock. Refrigerator no such sophisticated shock facilities, so sometimes put his hand on the refrigerator, can feel the vibration generated by the engine.
       4. dark: light in the ultraviolet also has a great influence on the maturation and aging of wine, if exposed to strong sunlight six months is sufficient to lead to wine spoilage. Professional wine cooler has a double anti-UV glass door, not only can effectively prevent the wine against the light.

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