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Join Advantage :( a) agents 1. have legal personality; 2. a certain economic strength and good reputation; 3. familiar with local market conditions, there is a large marketing network, strong operational experience in the market, can quickly start market; 4. Ding dealers assessment by the West; ...(More)


Join conditions: 1, there is a sincere and long-term cooperative attitude, a certain channel influence in the region; 2, familiar with the local market, with a wealth of product cost, has a more extensive channel capital in the region; 3, a relatively professional marketing team responsible for channel development,...(More)


Join process: 1. Applicants consulting firm marketing policies, the exchange of views between the two sides to join the process 2. Applicants fill out the application form to join, choose to visit the company store address to send Commissioners 3. Go to inspect and assess the strength of the applicant ...(More)

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